My story is a long one. It started when I was a kid playing Tennis, which was my sport for almost 20 years. My parents sent me to the States when I was 13 where I studied and trained to be a competitive tennis player at The John Newcombe Tennis Ranch in New Braunfels, Texas.

I was on the Egyptian Tennis National Team for the better part of 12 years and was ranked in the top 100 junior players in the world. My professional career as a tennis player however was cut short because of a lot of injuries.

I went to college and acquired a BA. in Mass Communications from The American University in Cairo and I have an MBA from Maastricht School of Business in the Netherlands. I worked corporate for a long time after graduation, and moved the corporate ladder quickly as well; however, I knew that something was missing, my heart was just not into it. My passion for sports was still eating at me. I continue to Work my corporate job and  became a Sales manager at Unilever for the better part of 5 years.

The day I got a big promotion to handle a regional position was the day I quit my job. I just knew that continuing to do what I was doing wasn't going to make me happy.

I left my corporate job and pursued a career in Coaching. In my early days coaching, I was coaching tennis and coached fitness on the side. However, my passion for fitness quickly took over and I decided that a career in fitness is what I wanted to pursue.

Strength & Conditioning became my life. I devoured endless amounts of books, articles, and started to travel to get as many certificates as I could. I just wanted to learn as much as I possible can, I wanted to be the best possible coach I can be.

Throughout my travels in the US and Canada, I came across CrossFit back in 2009 and I completely fell in Love with it and that's when I decided to bring it to Egypt. I Introduced the Sport of CrossFit to the Egypt in 2011 and Established the First CrossFit affiliate in Egypt - CROSSFIT STARS. Because I introduced the sport to the country, In 2013, I was labeled "The GodFather of CrossFit" in the CrossFit Journal and since than I've Continued to Develop the Sport of CrossFit in Egypt through developing and growing the community.

There are currently 12+ CrossFit affiliates in Egypt, and I believe 5 of those are owned by coaches that I personally developed including CrossFit Hustle, CrossFit Engine 38, CrossFit Demento, Td Crossfit, and CrossFit Monkey Bars.

I'm a Egypts' Only CrossFit L-3 Coach and I'm also a certified West-side Barbell Strength coach and I'm proud to say that i'm one of only 177 coaches world-wide and the only one in the middle east who managed to be certified by the “Strongest gym in the world” I'm also a Fully Certified Gym Jones Instructor. The gym that is famous training back to back team winners at the 2012-13 CrossFit Games as well as bringing physiques to the big screen like the movie 300 and Superman all of which were trained by Gym Jones. I'm one of only 72 Instructors world wide- and the only one in the middle-east who can proudly say that. I hold over 17 other certificates in nutrition and strength and conditioning but I just consider those just icing on the cake :)

I have recently made a slight shift with my coaching and decided to help regular individuals who didn't have access to me before. My mission is to 1000 individuals make serious changes to their health and fitness in the next 3 years as I'm updating this bio in 2019.

I'm the only Egyptian CrossFit coach to have coached several athletes to the Regionals and recently to Sanctionals and The CrossFit Games. My athletes have acquired over 10 Fittest in Egypt titles as well at the time I'm writing this bio. I'm also a writer, entrepreneur, husband, and father.

"I have been doing regular CrossFit now for the past 6 years but 6 months ago i started working with Coach Ramy Online and since then a dramatic shift happened to in performance. Now I can focus on my weakneses and improve my skills. I can compete with elite atheletes with different backgrounds. I am more confident, and a much stronger competitive athlete than i used to be beforeI started working with him." "

Ibrahim Senousy, Masters Athlete, Quatar
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