Books Every CrossFitter Should Read!

Uncategorized Mar 30, 2019

I read a lot, it's not a secret:) I've even recently started a book club of my own which got me to hang out and meet some awesome people!

Studying successful people, I found out that one of the common factors that they all possess is that they are READERS, which is one of the reasons that led me to pick up that reading habit.

Books have literally shaped my personality and my life and throughout the years, they have become my sanctuary. 

The three books below are ones that I have recently read; however, the 3 of them are LIFE CHANGING. For anyone who wants to change their mindset and the way they approach life's challanges, I absolutely recommend reading these books, not just if you're a CrossFitter but everyone should.

Book #1 - EXTREME OWNERSHIP - By Jocko Willink

In a world like the one we currently live in, one that is governed with blame and lack of ownership, this books truly stands out. This book tells the life lessons of Jocko Willink, a retired navy seal. Although, the book might not be inspirational for anyone who dislikes the American approach to war in the Middle East and in the Arab World, getting past that - the core lessons of the book are GOLD.



CAN'T HURT ME - By David Goggins

I Can't recommend this book enough, this book is certainly a life changer. Can't Hurt ME truly SHOOK ME TO THE CORE. It starts a little slow in the first couple of chapters but after that it is truly inspirational. My advice here would be to go to AUDIBLE, and download the audiobook for free and start listening to it NOW. 

I finished this book, and recommended to a dozen people on the day I finished it. I also started listening to it again:) and that's the first time I've ever done that.


Book #3 - MindSet - By Carol Dweck



 Carol Dweck is a scientist who has been researching people's mindsets for decades. The way she elegantly explains how different people approach life and how much of a difference these approaches make in the outcomes they get is just mind-blowing. An absolute MUST - READ.


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