How to become unstoppable: The 3 questions you should ask yourself when dealing with an injury.

Uncategorized Feb 01, 2019

 Injuries are part of the reality of any competitive athlete. Anyone who has competed on a world-class level will tell you that being injured is a part of his or her reality. These athletes do their best to avoid injuries in the first place, but sometimes life happens, and when it does, they DEAL with it.

 On the other end of the spectrum, lets have a look at the recreational athlete, the one who trains for about an hour 4-5 times a week. In my opinion, it’s just silly and reckless for someone at that level to be injured in the first place. But then again, accidents do happen.

The worst thing about this part though is that I’ve seen recreational athletes pushing themselves way past their threshold and getting injured and then pushing some more. These athletes walk around and count their injuries with pride as if it’s a badge of honor. Again, in my opinion, that’s absolutely silly.

You should ask yourself the questions below if you want to make any real progress with your training because if you don’t, you won’t make progress at all. Progress is a function on consistency and being injured is the #1 enemy of consistency.

Question #1:

What’s the Objective?

If the objective is to win the CrossFit Games and be the Fittest Man or Woman on earth than by all means keep grinding. Competing is probably your life and it is how you make a living, in some instances you can’t really afford to take time off.

Here’s something to keep in mind though, competitive athletes can only push their bodies for a certain amount of time in their careers and then they’re finished. The wear and tear of that training and competing puts their bodies through forces them to retire early. These days we have professional athlete retiring in their mid-twenties and early thirties max. Therefore, if we can conclude something here, it is that performance and health do not necessarily go hand in hand.

But I have a feeling that you want just want to be healthy and you want to continue training for the rest of your life. If that’s the case, then you have no business pushing yourself body beyond your breaking point.

A Lessons to remember:

First, ask yourself: what’s the objective? Then, listen to your body. If the objective is health, then get healthy first and then train.

Question #2:

Does My Injury Demand Complete & Utter Rest?

Injuries that demand complete and utter rest are not very common. I believe that injuries in this category will most of the time involve an injury to the spine. These are the ones that will probably demand that you stay in bed for a couple of days or even weeks.

But what if you just have a shoulder injury. Then you can always train around something like that. Don’t be silly and go back to the gym and train through the pain to prove that you are TOUGH.

Train around your injuries, if your shoulder is injured, train your legs, core, or train your other shoulder even. If your knee is injured, train your upper body or even your other leg. You won’t run short of options, just remember, and train AROUND your injury.

Lesson to remember

Don’t try to be tough and train through your injures, be smart and train AROUND them. 

Question #3:

What’s the one thing that I’m capable of doing that will get me closer to my objective?

Injuries can be depressing and perhaps their best cure is to avoid them in the first place. But when they happen, they often drain our will power and force us into a very negative state just because we feel that we are not capable of doing what we want to do.

Now, you can just ignore what all what I’m saying and stay in that negative state until you get better or you can actually do this one thing and still make progress towards your goal.

In dealing with athletes of all levels, I’ve found that what helps an athlete most to get through an injury is find an objective during the recovery period that’s directly aligned with their original goal.

So lets look at an example: lets say you injured you got in a car accident and you got multiple injuries and you’re going to have to stay in bed for the next couple of weeks. Most people will be completely depressed, gorge on junk food and sweets all day and gain at least 10 pounds in that time and when they finally feel better, they have to start all over again.

 In a situation like this, ask yourself:

What’s the one thing that I’m capable of doing that will get me closer to my objective?

Although it might not look like have a lot of options, in reality you do. How about you focus on cleaning up your diet in these couple of weeks and maybe even lose a few pounds. How does that sound? 

Lesson to remember:

Always ask yourself the above question and remember to stay positive and focus on the one thing that you CAN do in order to keep moving forward towards your goal.

In conclusion, Your objective will always define how you deal with an injury so always remember to go back to it. If your ultimate objective is to be fit and healthy then there’s no sense in in training though an injury and making it worse.

What’s better yet is to train around your injuries. Find things that you can do that won’t affect your injury negatively and finally, if you can’t do anything physically, find one thing that you can focus on until you get better. This could be your diet, mobility, flexibility, or even mental toughness.



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